The hazards due to Glacier lake outburst flood in Himalaya, Nepal: Study of the Tsho Rolpa Glacier lake  [1995]

Fujiwara, K. (Hokkaido Univ., Sapporo (Japan). Faculty of Agriculture) Gomi, T.

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Glacier lakes are mostly unstable as the moraine and ice dams are susceptible to breakage. The dams are generally broken due to being overtopped by rising water. Overtopping and seepage of dam in caused by the rising water level, melting and avalanche powering into the lake. Another factor leading to dam breakage is the probability of earthquakes. The sudden outburst of glacier lake water is commonly known as a Glacier Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF). There are 14 historical records of GLOFs in Nepal. Almost all of the GLOFs occurred after 1960. In the last thirty years, GLOFs have occurred more than once every three years. That is a very frequent rate compared to other natural disasters. Sudden high magnitude flow caused by the GLOF causes disasters in the downstream areas. The effect is proportional to the volume the water released. Typical examples of damages done by GLOFs are that the hydropower stations, bridges, fields, paths, and also some people are drowned. The study to predict GLOFs is now continuous in the Water and Energy Committee Secretariat (WECS) in Nepal. A great deal has been studied about the actual condition of the glaciers and glacier lakes as sources of disaster. The studies to predict GLOFs are not only research on how to eliminate the glacier lake, but also to understand the influence of the debris movement and flash floods. Very little has been stated about the debris movement caused by the GLOF. The large magnitude of GLOF damage has i
ts aftermath continuing for several years, because may unstable sediments deposited around the channel flow out again after the GLOF. It is important to study the cost of damages caused by sediments progressively deposited at the time of the GLOF and in the few years following

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Research Bulletins of the College Experiment Forests -Hokkaido University (Japan)

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" The hazards due to Glacier lake outburst flood in Himalaya, Nepal: Study of the Tsho Rolpa Glacier lake "