A study on relationship between food habits and personality of Amerian college students  [1982]

Kim, N.K. (Chungbuk National Univ., Cheongju (Korea R.). Coll. of Education, Dept. of Home Economics)

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This study was conducted to examine the relationship between food habits and personality. Two kinds of questionnaires were distributed to 130 American college students. The data showed high relationship between personality and food habits. Poor diet group showed lower personality scores in personal adjustment, affiliation, and nurturance while the scores in lability and succorance were higher than better diet group. A considerable correlationship between eating preferences and personality was found. Vegetarian had higher scores in self-confidence, achievement, endurance, and autonomy while meat group were more dominant, more aggressive and more changeable. Most of sweet food group were obese and had higher personality scores in abasement and deference

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The Korean Journal of Nutrition (Korea R.)