Nutritional and physical properties of dietary fiber from soybeans  [1989]

Lo, G.S. (Protein Technologies International, St. Louis, MO)

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The dietary fiber derived from soybean cotyledon is compared to fiber from soybean hulls. Fiber from soybean cotyledons consist largely of non-cellulosic polysaccharides in contrast to soy hull fiber, which contains a high level of cellulosic residues. The effect of soybean fiber on several physiological functions is discussed

Other subjects

  • glucose
  • soja
  • glucosa
  • colesterol
  • aditivos alimentarios
  • element nutritif disponible
  • valeur nutritive
  • composition du sang
  • disponibilidad de nutrientes
  • composicion de la sangre
  • contenido de fibras
  • produit a base de soja
  • teneur en fibres
  • additif alimentaire
  • cholesterol
  • productos de la soja
  • valor nutritivo

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Cereal foods world (USA)

ISSN : 0146-6283