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Tree resources and environmental policy: a stakeholder approach  [1994]

Grimble, R.J. Aglionby, J. Quan, J. Natural Resources Inst., Chatham (United Kingdom) [Corporate Author]

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Past attempts at environmental resource management have often failed because policy-makers have given insufficient attention to the different interests of the various groups of stakeholders (defined as those who have an interest in the exploitation and management of a resource). The concept of stakeholder analysis is explored in detail with specific reference to case studies carried out in Cameroon and Thailand. The conflicts of interest which may arise between stakeholder groups, and the trade-offs which may have to be made between the objectives of a particular stakeholder group, are classified and discussed. The implications of the stakeholder approach for environmental planning and future research are considered

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NRI Socio-economic Series (United Kingdom) - Natural Resources Institute Socio-economic Series (United Kingdom)

ISSN : 0967-0548