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(AIDS - consequences for the nutrition security in developing countries)

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Bellin, F. (Giessen Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Ernaehrungswissenschaft)
Benterbusch, R.
Dollinger, A.

As to mid of 1994, 985.119 AIDS cases have been reported to the World Health Organization / Global Programme on AIDS since the onset of the pandemic. This means that the number of cases has doubled within the last two years. By knowing that this number will increase considerably in the near future, AIDS cannot be defined any longer only as a healthproblem. This article explains the impact of AIDS on nutrition security in developing countries. We try to show the impact of AIDS on e.g. food production, caring capacity, socio-economic indicators, education etc. Some aspects to minimize the negative impact of AIDS on nutritionsecurity of households or families are discussed. A special paragraph deals with the transmission of HIV from the mother to the baby and implications due to these findings.

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