[Balance of introductions and re-introductions of wild vertebrates in France since the beginning of the century]. [French]  [1994]

Maurin H. Haffner P. Keith P. Museum National d' Histoire Naturelle, Paris (France). Secretariat de la Faune et de la Flore [Corporate Author]

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In France, the population of wild vertebrates has evolved over the 20th century in both numbers and components. Some species have naturally spread over their primitive area and are now distributed more largely than before. Many more have been introduced, intentionally. The class of fresh-water fishes is the most thoroughly modified sofar, with one third of all recent introductions of vertebrates. Birds and mammals, with some spectacular species and, secondarily, reptiles are also concerned. The secretariat de la Faune et la Flore (National Museum of Natural History, Paris) is currently developing an extensive programme to collect, analyze and interpret all available data taken from both ancient and modern literature, in collections and from field observation on the on-going process and its consequences. Raw information is carefully validated before computerization. In this paper, we consider the introduction or re-introduction of vertebrates between 1900 and 1992/3. Attention is given to the causes: economic aims, hunting and fishing, fashion and individual pleasure or interest, as well as attempts at restoring the wild fauna in France in its former state, on the basis of scientific research. Charts include figures, up-dates in July 1993, referring to species, taxonomic classes and decades. The growing need for information and recommendations on the matter at hand expressed by those who have to manage our natural heritage is also underlined.

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