Drip irrigation systems elements modernization  [2012]

Ovchinnikov, A.S. Bocharnikov, V.S. Meshcheryakov, M.P., Volgograd State Agricultural Univ. (Russian Federation)

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A new design of drip irrigation (DI) system is presented. It provides irrigation water saving, reduction of production costs and effective implementation of vegetable crops watering at the expense of the irrigation norms uniform distribution. DI tube contains a channel for water supply, a main dropper, a secondary dropper, admission ports and water passages. Each maze of zigzag shape is designed as a water conveyance channel with a variable effective cross-section. The channel axis line along the length of the maze is described by the simple periodic function, namely sinusoid. During irrigation pipe for DI operation the water in the irrigation channel comes under the pressure of 0.01-0.02 MPa. Due to this a part of water is sent to the main dropper over admission ports placed on the tops of zigzag channel. At full dissipation of water energy from the secondary dropper it falls (flows) on the surface of irrigated land over the water passages in the form of drops only at the expense of the gravitational force. Due to repeated compression and expansion of the water in the channels with variable effective cross-sections, irrigating water flow speed dissipation is achieved at minimal droppers' length. Experimental researches on sweet peppers crops resulted in high efficiency of DI

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