[Histamine in foods]. [Spanish]  [1995]

Alzugaray C.I. Universidad Catolica Argentina, Buenos Aires (Argentina). Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias. [Corporate Author]

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The aim of this monography is to recopilate information referent to histamine poisoning because of the importance of this disease among the foodborne diseases, taken into account the clinical and toxicological aspects, toxical level and epidemiological data. Food implicated is detailed, giving importance to cheese, meat products, fermented vegetables and wine whose implicance in this disease is not completely known, because is frequently associated with fish intake.

Other subjects

  • foodborne diseases
  • bebidas alcoholicas
  • histamine
  • foods
  • produit alimentaire
  • fromage
  • food technology
  • vegetables
  • alcoholic beverages
  • intoxication
  • cheese
  • vinos
  • pescado
  • meat products
  • hortalizas
  • poisoning
  • vin
  • maladie transmissible par aliment
  • histamina
  • enfermedades transm por alimentos
  • tecnologia de los alimentos
  • boisson alcoolisee
  • produit carne
  • envenenamiento
  • productos de la carne
  • queso
  • legume
  • wines
  • fish
  • technologie alimentaire
  • poisson aliment
  • alimentos