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La problemática del agro en la perspectiva de Aldo Ferrer: Una reevaluación del discurso político de "La Economía Argentina" y la práctica histórica durante la apertura nacionalista (1970-1971)  [2010]

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Zeitler, Tomás Elías(UNNE Secretaría General de Ciencia y Técnica)

The current importance that the studies have Historiographies on the questions of the Argentina agro in the XXth century and the growth of works of investigation and of balance sheets on the above mentioned production they generate a propitious context for the critical reappraisal of the contributions that have been done to the history of the Argentine agro from the perspective cepalina, mas specifically that one expressed in the wide production of the economist Aldo Ferrer: his explanation of the agrarian problematics from the analysis of the internal weaknesses of the productive Argentina system and the basic failings of the functioning of the capitalist economy constitutes a speech in historical perspective that demonstrates the representations identitarias that the capitalist national sectors had of the Argentine agro at the end of the decade of sixty. The analysis of his classic work The Economy Argentina (1963) allows to argue that in his theoretical and methodological boarding of the economic Argentine development the agrarian question occupies the center of the problems that they have afflicted to the productive Argentine system during all the 20th century and specially during the stage called of "nationalistic opening" (1970-1971) in which the author had an active political participation as Secretary of the Treasury of the Nation Argentina.

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