The insect fauna of Melaleuca alternifolia with emphasis on three known pest species [tea tree]  [1992]

Treverrow, N.L. (New South Wales Agriculture, Wollongbar (Australia))

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The insect fauna of plantation and natural stands of tea tree was examined over much of the current production area. Three insect species, Pyrgo beetle (now identified as Pyrgoides tigrina), Trioza sp., a psyllid which forms pits on the leaf and Dasineura sp., a gall forming fly were initially identified as important pests of tea tree and subjected to further study. Results of the studies on these and other pests, their biology, ecology and capacity for damage to tea tree crops, and possible control measures both biological and applied, are included in the report.

Other subjects

  • plante a huiles essentielles
  • insecte nuisible
  • trioza
  • plantas aromaticas
  • insectos daninos
  • control de plagas
  • lutte antiravageur
  • dasineura
  • melaleuca