Plant regeneration from leaf-derived callus in Aegle marmelos Corr [in Bangladesh]  [1992]

Islam, R. Karim, M.R. Hossain, M. Joarder, O.I. (Rajshahi Univ. (Bangladesh). Dept. of Botany)

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Regeneration of multiple shoots via callus induction and organogenesis was achieved from leaves of in vitro grown shoots of Aegle marmelos. The presence of 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2, 4-D) in the culture medium at 1-5 mg/l resulted in callus growth. Organogenesis and plantlet formation occurred when the concentration of 2, 4-D was reduced to 0.5 mg/l and with the addition of kinetin or benzyladenine (BA) in the medium. The rate of plantlet regeneration increased when 2, 4-D was completely removed from the culture medium in subsequent subcultures. The 2-3 leaves from the distal part of the shoot were most responsive and tended to form most of the adventitious shoots. Plantlets developed roots when they were put on half strength MS medium with 1 mg/l of indole-3-butyric acid (IBA).

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  • aegle marmelos
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  • organogenese
  • regeneracion
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Plant Tissue Culture (Bangladesh)

ISSN : 1018-8029