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Produtividade e incidência de grãos ardidos em híbridos de milho cultivados no Sudoeste de Goiás  [2009]

Marcos Brás Freitas Jéssika Mara Martins Ribeiro Adriano Perin Hilton Rosa Da Silva Junior et al.

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The objective of this work was to evaluate the productivity and the incidence of rot grains, after the harvest of cropping maize hybrids cropping of southwest Goias State. Where evaluated maize hybrids: P30F90; DKB177; AG7010; Cargill 306. The design experimental was of blocks with four treatments and four repetitions. The sowing was in December 16, 2007, in zero tillage, being the maize sown in the spacing of 90 cm, with distribution of six plants for ridge meter. The spikes had been harvested to four meters of the two rows central of the plot, occupying a useful area of 7,2m2, to the 140 day after emergence. The yield grain registered in this work was considered adjusted. In relation to the weight of thousand grains and the grain yield, hybrid AG7010 superior to the excessively hybrid ones was evaluated. The hybrids P30F90 and Cargill 306 had presented the minor and greater incidence of rot grains: 5.8% and 19.4%, respectively. Negative correlation was found between the percentage of rot grains and productivity, showing that the high percentage of grain rot affects the grains yield of maize.

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Revista Agrarian

ISSN : 1984-2538