Written Paper

[Major results of selection works on creation of belarus large white breed of pigs]  [2006]

Loban, N.A. Vasilyuk, O.Y. Chernov, A.S. Drabinovich, D.S.,The National Academy of Sciences, Minsk (Belarus). Institute of Animal Production, Zhodino

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The basic parent breed of pigs in Belarus is Large White breed. It makes about 90% in structure of breeding animals, and up to 70% of commodity young growth received with its participation. Influence of this breed on pig-breeding branch has determining value. In commodity cultivation of pigs it is used as the parent form, both in pure line, and in various variants of crossing and hybridization. Besides animal breeds actively participate in breed creating process of the majority of created breeds and types of animals. Major results of selection works in the period of 2001-2005 on creation of breeding stocks of belarus large white pigs with a number of 2018 sows with productivity traits: prolificacy - 11,79 piglets, age of reaching of 100 kg of body weight - 3 days, average daily gain-751g, feed expences-3,43 FU, back-fat thickness – 26,3 mm and ham weight – 10,84 kg were shown

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Зоотехническая наука Беларуси (Belarus). Zootechnical Science of Belarus