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[Growth rate and development of boars and young pigs of Belarus meaty breed]  [2006]

Fedorenkova, L.A. Shejko, R.I. Timoshenko, T.N. Yanovich, E.A. et al.

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It is established, that thoroughbred boars of the Belarus meat breed differ a high parameters level of an estimation on own efficiency and surpass in all cases similar parameters of mixed contempoparies, young pigs concede on age of achievement of 100 kg alive weight for 8,3 day and to a daily average gain - on 20g. Boars, intended for reproduction, surpassed average indices of all contempoparies, estimated on elever on age of achievement of 100 kg alive weight on 5,0%, on a daily average gain - on 5,3%, on length of a trunk - on 0,3%, fat thickness - on 2,4%. The size of selection index on the average at all estimated livestock is equal 128, at boars, selected for reproduction - 140. The most significant and authentic distinctions at a linear level between estimated and young pigs, selected for reproduction on age of achievement of 100 kg alive weight, to a daily average gain, length of a trunk and fat thickness are revealed at animal of the lines Zvon where improvement of these attributes has made, accordingly, 5,9%, 6,2, 0,7 and 1,2%, Zont - 5,4%, 5,7 and 0,2%, Zenit - 4,6%, 4,4, 0,08 and 2,1%, Zevs -4,5%, 4,5, 0,8 and 1,2% and Zaslon - 4,3%, 4,5 and 0,8%. It is revealed, that use of blood add of breed Landaras to the Belarus meat breed allows to receive the young growth, differing high enough level of efficiency and suitable for use in the selection purposes

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Зоотехническая наука Беларуси (Belarus). Zootechnical Science of Belarus