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[Analysis of genetic structure of breeding-bulls populations of belarus black-and-white breed by kappa-casein locus gene and BLAD mutation]  [2006]

Shejko, I.P. Kurak, O.P. Epishko, T.I.,The National Academy of Sciences, Minsk (Belarus). Institute of Animal Production, Zhodino Zhuk, N.F. et al.

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The success of selection-breeding programs appreciably depends on accuracy of definition of breeding value of animals. Traditional methods of estimation the animals based on phenotypical parameters of parents and descendants, at the present stage cannot satisfy to the full the requirements shown to selection. Parameters of economic-useful attributes influence both paratypic, and genotypical factors. Results of the lead research have shown, that application of DNA-testing does possible carrying out of selection of animals on the certain types of the genes connected both with productive qualities, and with hereditary diseases, not only objectively to estimate genetic structure of breeding herds of republic, but also to spend selection-breeding work in populations of large horned livestock. Revealing in populations of the latent genetic defects (mutations) reducing breeding qualities of animals that will allow to solve a problem of increase of breeding livestock resistency is especially important

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Зоотехническая наука Беларуси (Belarus). Zootechnical Science of Belarus