[Research results of selection of potato initial material]  [2007]

Kozlov, V.A. Rusetskij, N.V. Chashinskij, A.V., National Academy of Sciences. Scientific and Practical Center for Potato, Vegetable and Fruit Growing (Belarus)

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Research results of hybridization realized in 2004-2006 for the creation of new potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) initial material resistant to viral and bacterial infections, late blight, suitable for industrial processing, with starch high-ratio in the conditions of the Republic of Belarus were presented. Characteristic of potato hybrids resistant to late blight, black leg was presented. As a result of conducted research 10 initial forms resistant to potato viruses X (PVX) and/or Y (PVY) and highly resistant to viruses L (PLRV), A (PVM), S (PVS) were obtained from the species S. stoloniferum, S. chacoense, S. hougasii, S. acaule, S. andigenum, S. phureja and S. demissum, 7 initial forms with high resistance to late blight – from the wild species S. demissum, S. bulbocastanum, S. acule, S. phureja, S. rybinii, S. gourlayi, S. andigenum, S. berthaultii, 7 initial forms with relative and high resistance to black leg pathogen were obtained from S. pinnatisectum, S. jamesii, S. tarijense, S. chacoense, S. Demissum. On the basis of dihaploids and S. vernei, S. rybinii, S. berthaultii, S. rybinii, S. andigenum and S. microdontum species there were obtained 4 hybrids recommended as the initial forms for breeding for late blight resistance with high starch content and 1 hybrid as a promising initial form for the industrial processing

Other subjects

  • index de selection
  • vigueur hybride
  • plante sauvage
  • hibridacion intraespecifica
  • potatoes
  • belarus
  • resistance aux maladies
  • solanum tuberosum
  • plant breeding
  • indice de seleccion
  • hibridos
  • hybridization
  • criterios de seleccion
  • seleccion
  • hybridation
  • hybridation intraspecifique
  • amidon
  • fitomejoramiento
  • intraspecific hybridization
  • papa
  • vigor hibrido
  • heterosis
  • selection index
  • breeding methods
  • hibridacion
  • critere de selection
  • almidon
  • hybrids
  • resistencia a la enfermedad
  • methode d'amelioration genetique
  • selection
  • disease resistance
  • pomme de terre
  • hybride
  • wild plants
  • starch
  • selection criteria
  • amelioration des plantes
  • metodos de mejoramiento genetico
  • plantas silvestres

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