Written Paper

[Innovative activity in the dairy industry: theoretical and practical aspects]  [2008]

Goraeva, T., Grodno State Univ. named after Ya. Kupala (Belarus) Shishko, V.

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At the present stage of development of the market of dairy products (at use of the standard know - how and presence of rigid requirements to observance of sanitary norms and rules, consumer demand fluctuations) one of the basic means of increase of competitiveness is effective application of innovations. For processing structures innovative activity is that tool which helps rationally use industrial, financial, a labour resources and inquiries of consumers are satisfied. It is necessary to notice, that level of intensity of innovative processes at the enterprises (including dairy branch) is not unequal. The purpose of research is studying theoretical and practical aspects of innovative activity. The review of various approaches to definition of essence of innovations is presented, theoretical aspects of innovative activity and their practical importance for the enterprises of the dairy industry are considered. Research of the Belarus and Russian scientists have served as theoretical and methodological basis for investigation. The analysis of directions of innovative process on Open Society (Molochnyj mir) is done, recommendations on increase of innovative activity providing a high level of competitiveness of production of the enterprise are developed. During research following methods were applied: monographic, analytical, the system analysis, economic and statistical ones

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Agrarnaya Ehkonomika (Belarus)

ISSN : 1818-9806