Written Paper

[Diversity, hereditability and correlation of fattening and meat-fat traits of belarusian meat breed of pigs]  [2008]

Yanovitch, E.A. Khramtchenko, N.M. Pristupa, N.V. Maltchevsky, A.V. et al.

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It is stated that meat traits diversity coefficient of almost all the lines is characterized by the sufficient degree of uniformity (straightness). Variability of meat productiveness traits of Belarusian Meat breed of pigs points at their consolidation in the most lines. Fat thickness coefficient diversity under 6-7 thoracic vertebras on lines Cv = 1,53-13,96% points at possibility of perfection of this traits by selection method. Figures of hereditability of fattening and meat-fat traits especially of average daily gain where h2 =0,24-0,51 and forage spends per 1 kg of gain (h2 =0,34-0,59) point on possibility of perfection of separate lines on these traits by the methods of aimed selection. Coefficients of phenotypic correlation between fattening and meat-fat traits of Belarusian meat breed offsprings had no stability by the lines. A high negative correlation of age within 100 kg of live weigh and average daily gain of animals in all the lines researched was determined

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Zootechnicheskaya Nauka Belarusi (Belarus)