On the development of the unified database of soil resources of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus  [2012]

Shoba, S.A. Alyabina, I.O. Ivanov, A.V. Kolesnikova, V.M. et al.

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Creation of joint database of soil resources of Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus, carried out within the context of international project and financed by national funds of fundamental researches of all the countries, is presented in the article. The results of the researches, aimed on the development of database's structure and management system, are presented. 'Soil-and-Geographic database of Russia', 'Properties of the soils of the Ukraine', 'Technologies of formation of soil databases of Belarus' and 'Recommended practices upon creation of Soil Information System of Belarus' are the databases, underlain the structure of joint database of three countries. Concept of creation of joint database of soil resources supposes development of its structure and management; principles of creation of database are based on similarity of the most important characteristics of national databases; filling of the joint database is carried out with the help of inventory and formalization of information about soil resources of each country. Structure of joint database is consists of two parts. The first part contents information about the time and place of underlying of soil section, natural and anthropogenic conditions, and soil classification characteristics; the second part is consists of different indexes, characterizing chemical properties of soil (soil organic matter, humus, CO2, trace elements). Utilization of joint database of soil resources of Russian Federa
tion, Ukraine and Belarus appears the most perspective direction of scientific researches in the sphere of international and regional monitoring of soil resources.

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" On the development of the unified database of soil resources of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus "

" К вопросу создания единой базы данных почвенных ресурсов России, Украины и Беларуси "