[Results from an over 20 years old ploughless tillage experiment at Changins. Soil physical properties]. [French]  [1995]

Maillard A. Neyroud J. A. Vez A. Station federale de recherches agronomiques, Changins (Switzerland) [Corporate Author]

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A long term tillage trial has been carried out at Changins on a brown calcareous soil with 27 clay and 44 silt since 1969. Three plough techniques are compared in this article with conventional mouldboard ploughing. They differ mainly through their working depth.

Other subjects

  • suisse
  • soil chemicophysical properties
  • capacite de retention d' eau
  • soil types
  • densite du sol
  • densidad del suelo
  • propiedades fisico quimicas suelo
  • soil pore system
  • calcareous soils
  • cero labranza
  • water holding capacity
  • porosite du sol
  • non travail du sol
  • manejo del suelo
  • soil density
  • capacidad de retencion de agua
  • suiza
  • switzerland
  • propriete physicochimique du sol
  • suelo calcareo
  • tipos de suelo
  • soil management
  • sol calcaire
  • type de sol
  • sistema poroso del suelo
  • mise en valeur du sol
  • zero tillage

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Revue suisse d'agriculture