An Assessment of the Functional Properties, Proximate Composition, Sensory Evaluation and Rheological Value of Gari Fortified with Bambara Groundnut Flour (Voandzeia subterranean Thouars)  [2013]

Y.O., Lagos State Polytechnic O.A., Lagos State Polytechnic R.O., Lagos State Polytechnic D.O., Lagos State Polytechnic

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Gari fortified with Bambara Groundnut Flour (BGF) was assessed for its proximate composition, functional properties, sensory evaluation and Rheological properties. Four samples; 100% gari (coded SLY), 90 % gari with 10 % BGF (coded ATS), 85 % gari with 15 % BGF (coded FEA), and 80 % gari with 20 % BGF (coded ROT) were examined for the parameters listed above. The proximate analysis showed that the protein content ranges between 0.98-4.68 %, fat content 1.10-2.60 %, ash content 1.82-2.90 %, crude fibre 2.30-2.42 %. This showed an increase on addition of BGF while the carbohydrate content ranges between 78.20-83.5 %, moisture 11.60-12.6% and acidity 0.40-0.60, all showed a decrease in value on adding BGF. Rheological value showed that the peak viscosity ranges between 106.17-177.17, trough viscosity 98.33-161.00, breakdown 7.83-16.71, final viscosity 150.50-251.67, set back 52.17-90.67 and pasting time between 6.87-6.93. All these varied inversely with the quantity of BGF added. Pasting temperature showed slight variation which was not dependent on the amount of BGF added. It ranges from 79.2-80.02 °C. Sensory evaluation showed that there were significant differences in the samples examined

Other subjects

  • Gari
  • Sensory Evaluation
  • Proximate Composition
  • Bambara-Groundnut
  • Rheological Value

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International Letters of Natural Sciences

ISSN : 2300-9675