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Geographical View on Energetic Sources of Climate Northeastern Montenegro  [2013]

Goran, Jelisavka, College of Textile Design

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This paper analyzes energy sources climate northeastern Montenegro, in the example municipalities Berane, Andrijevica and Plav in a geographical context its exploitation and use. Analyzed GeoScape from the standpoint of utilization of wind energy lose their its attractiveness due to high altitude mountain ranges that dominate in given area, it is the windy areas, often the located on slopes of the mountains, and most of them did not connected to the existing road network and infrastructure. The use of solar thermal energy is possible only with the help of passive solar architecture and active solar architecture (solar collectors for water heating and space heating in homes and tourist facilities). Program development and use of renewable energy in Montenegro, given the Energy Law of 2010 in which Montenegro has implemented parts of EU directive 2009/28/EC on the promotion of energy from renewable sources.

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International Letters of Natural Sciences

ISSN : 2300-9675