Genetic diversity, specificity and population differentiation of soybean cultivars in Asia  [2008]

Zhang Jun Zhao Tuanjie Gai Junyi

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[ Objective ] The present study was aimed to reveal the genetic diversity, specificity and population differentiation of soybean culfivars in Asia. [Method] A total of 64 simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers scattered on the genome were used to analyze the genetic variation of 216 soybean cultivars sampled from Asia. [Result] There was a plenty of genetic diversity in populations of soybean culfivars in Asia as well as a plenty of complementary alleles among geographic populations (Northeast China, China's Huanghuai Region, Southern China, Korean Peninsula, Southeast Asia and South Asia), especially between China's Huanghuai and South Asia population. Unique and deficient alleles in each geographic population were detected. A significant association showed between the classification of geographic cultivar populations and clustered cultivar populations, indicating the sound genetic bases of geographic classification of the soybean eulfivars. According to the model-based clustering method for using multi-locus data to infer population structure and assign cultivars to populations (structure analysis), two ancestry sources in Asia were detected, with one composing the most part of Chinese cultivar group, another composing the most part of exotic cultivar group, The composition of the two ancestry sources in the geographic populations differed markedly. Significant differentiation among geographic populations was found, while the least differentiation between
Chinese and exotic group was in the pair of Southern China vs. Southeast Asia population, that within exotic group was in the pair of Southeast Asia vs. Korean Peninsula population, and that within Chinese group was in the pair ofChina's Huanghuai and Southern China population. [Conclusion] Plenty of unique and deficient loci and alleles existed in each geographic population. Therefore, plenty of complementary alleles were detected between pairs of populations for broadening the genetic bases of the respective geographic cultivar populations.

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" 亚洲大豆栽培品种遗传多样性、特异性和群体分化研究 "

" Genetic diversity, specificity and population differentiation of soybean cultivars in Asia "