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The physiological role of plant growth retardant DPC on the root activity of cotton plants  [1988]

He Zhongpei Min Xiangjia Li Peiming (Beijing Agricultural Univ. (China))

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The physiological role of DPC (N.N-dimethyl-piperidinium chloride) on the root activity of cotton plants was studied systematically under field conditions. The results are summarized as follows: DPC-treated plants had more root bleeding sap than untreated plants, the synthesis ability of free amino acid in root system was increased. The contents of inorganic phosphorus and cytokinins in root bleeding sap in DPC-treated plants were higher than in control. These facts proved that the root activity of DPC-treated plants was enhanced.

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Acta Agriculturae Universitatis Pekinensis (China)

ISSN : 0479-8007