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Photosystem 2 remains capable of oxygen evolution after losing one-fourth of its initial manganese content  [1991]

Mavankal, G. McCain, D.C. (Southern Mississippi Univ., Hattiesburg, MS (USA))

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Photosystem 2 (PS2) membranes were treated with calcium chloride to remove extrinsic polypeptides. After resuspension in a chloride-free buffer, manganese was extracted by leaching or with EDTA. Measuruments made using three different methods (electron paramagnetic resonance, kinetics, and direct Mn analysis) agreed that one-fourth of the initial Mn content was lost and that the membrane preparation remained homogenous. Upon readdition of extrinsic polypeptides, the Mn-depleted membranes were capable of oxygen evolution. Thus not all the Mn in PS2 is necessary for the oxygen evolution function.

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Photosynthetica (CSFR)

ISSN : 0300-3604