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González, A., Grupo de Producción Porcina. Ministerio de la Agricultura. Avenida de la Independencia y Conill. La Habana, Cuba

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This report was prepared to bring preliminary information about pig production management in Cuba during 2006. During 2006 the Pig Production Group (GRUPOR, in Spanish), directly depending upon the Cuban Ministry of Agriculture, operated overall with 14 pig enterprise throughout the country, plus two another entities: the National Pig Genetic Enterprise, responsible of the genetic centres of Cuba, and the Swine Research Institute. GRUPOR managed a total of 94 pig farms, corresponding 8 to genetic centres, 13 to multiplying farms, 52 to rearing centres, 8 to fattening farms and 13 integral units distributed in all places in the country GRUPOR marketed during 2006 a total of 90 068 t of pork (live weight) and the commercial operations were very near to the sales program (90.0%). With the aim of describing briefly the marketing management, a conventional division of pig enterprises according to its geographical distribution, into 4 of the west, 4 of the centre and 6 of the east of Cuba. During 2006 the pig enterprises marketed on average 3 873 t pork/enterprise, and from this, 59.8% were produced in pig farms belonging to the enterprises. The differences corresponded to agreements for fattening pigs of produce piglets and thereafter fattening pigs. The west and central pig enterprises produced significantly (P0.05) more pigs due to self-management (4 431 and 4 991 t/enterprise respectively) than the east enterprises (2 546 t/enterprise). There were no changes
amongst enterprises in stocking pigs through agreements (P0.10). As a consequence, the enterprises from the west and the centre of the country produced significantly (P0.05) more pigs by self-management (4 431 and 4 991 t/enterprise respectively) than those from the east 4 881 t/enterprise). Management of production during 2006 was considered as acceptable and its enterprise projection for 2007 was conceived with the same mixed regime (overall, farms belonging to the Group and stocking animals through agreements). It is considered that pig production in GRUPOR's farms must return to the pyramidal structure for pig husbandry, taking into account a future projection towards I of integral unit with self-replacement of herds, and rearing piglets linked to farms for fattening animals.

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Revista Computadorizada de Producción Porcina (Cuba)

ISSN : 1026-9053