Arias, T., Instituto de Investigaciones Porcinas. Gaveta Postal No. 1, Punta Brava. La Habana, Cuba Toro, Yolanda del, Instituto de Investigaciones Porcinas. Gaveta Postal No. 1, Punta Brava. La Habana, Cuba

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A spanish synthetic seminal plasma (PREDIL-MR-A) was evaluated in artificial inseminated sows in order to look for an improvement on fertility and prolificacy. PREDIL-MR-A is a substance that promotes a better spermatic metabolism and transport as well as embryonic development. For the trial 332 non-pregnant crossbreed sows were used for a period of 18 weeks. The average parity was 5.65 the sows come from Paredones farm belonging to Havana Swine Enterprise. Two treatments were settled: treatment I( by a method of two phases consisting on apply 30 ml of PREDIL-MA-A before insemination with semen dosis) and treatment II (control, insemination was done in only one phase with fresh semen). The sows management was the same in both treatment, described in the national rules.32 days after mating a pregnancy diagnosis was carry out using a boar. The return percent, economic effectiveness (farrows vs insemination %) and born alive and totals were evaluated. The return percent was higher when PREDUIL wasn't used. The effectiveness for treatment I and II was 91.5% and 91.9% respectively. Born alive and totals were 9.38 and 9.85 for treatment I and 9.17 and 9.54 for treatment II respectively. The conclusion is that PREDIL-MR-A used before insemination improve the results on fertility and prolificacy in sows.

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