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Preliminary fertility results in inseminated mares with fresh semen of donkeys for obtaining mules (Equus mulus)  [2009]

Díaz, N., Centro de Investigaciones para el Mejoramiento Animal de la Ganadería Tropical

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Twenty six mares of the horse rearing centre Guacamaya, Pinar del Rio province were used, to assess the fertility of the fresh semen of donkeys in ODT 3-4-2. The mares were inseminated in August. Semen extraction was made using the method of artificial vagina Missouri model with the aid of a female mannequin. To each ejaculation the volume (ml), motility (%) and concentration were determined to verify its quality. One hundred thirty four mares were used (control) which were served through the traditional mating system (direct mating). The gestation diagnosis was made in October by ultrasonography using a Pie Medical ecograph with a 5 mhz linear transducer. Of the total of mares covered 53.84% were pregnant through artificial insemination and 32.08% by direct mating. An analysis of comparison of proportions was carried out for the statistical analysis of the MINITAB package. Results demonstrate the advantages of using AI to produce mules.

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Ciencia y Tecnología Ganadera

ISSN : 1998-3050