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Structural diversity as a result of silvicultural operations  [1998]

Pretzsch, H. (Ludwig Maxmilians Universitaet, Muenchen (Germany). Forstwissenschaftliche Fakultaet)

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The aim of the study is to quantify the effect of silvicultural treatments on the spatial structure of forest stands. The first important basis is indices that are capable of reliably quantifying horizontal tree distribution patterns, vertical stand profile and segregation of species. The second means of modelling the spatial stand dynamics is the single-tree simulator SILVA 2.0. By combining SILVA 2.0 with a program module for structural analysis, we get a flexible tool with the help of which we can examine the influence of different regeneration technics, thinning regimes and site conditions on growth, yield and spatial stand structure. The results underline the fact that especially slight and moderate thinning from the top offer an effective possibility to form the stand structure and support its diversity. Thinning from below has a more homogeneous effect on the spatial stand structure.

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Lesnictvi - UZPI (Czech Republic)

ISSN : 0024-1105