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Oxidation stability of margarines with monoacylglycerol emulsifier type  [2000]

Filip, V. Smidrkal, J. (Vysoka Skola Chemicko-technologicka, Prague (Czech Republic). Ustav Technologie Mleka a Tuku) Cmolik, J. Schwarz, W.

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Lipid oxidation stability of several margarine emulsions with different monoglyceride emulsifiers was studied. Margarines contain 1-lauroylglycerol or the monoglycerides of coconut oil shows greater oxidation stability than margarines with the commercial monoglyceride emulsifiers (on the basis of palmitoyl-, stearoyl- and oleylglyceride). Accordingly, the interface structures created by molecules of monoglycerides of lower fatty acids (C12) have probably different properties than the interface structures created by monoglycerides of higher fatty acids (C16-C18). Thus, diffusion of oxygen across the interface of phases in w/o type emulsions influences velocity of the lipid oxidation.

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Czech Journal of Food Sciences - UZPI (Czech Republic)

ISSN : 1212-1800