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Dicrocoeliosis - the present state of knowledge with respect to wildlife species  [2003]

Duchacek, L. Lamka, J. (Karlova Univ., Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic). Katedra Farmakologie a Toxikologie)

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The present paper summarizes contemporary knowledge concerning dicrocoeliosis (chronic disease of the liver caused by the lancet fluke Dicrocoelium dendriticum) as to its spraed, aetiology, life cycle of the fluke, epidemiology, pathogenesis, immunogenesis, clinical symptoms, diagnostics, therapy, prevention, and human infection. The major part of published data is connected with farm animal husbandry, dicrocoeliosis of wildlife species is examined to a limited extent only.

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Acta Veterinaria (Czech Republic)

ISSN : 0001-7213