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Savanization - a concept to establish green belts in Israel's desert areas.  [1992]

Wolff P. Kassel Gesamthochschule, Witzenhausen (Germany). Fachbereich Internationale Agrarwirtschaft. Fachgebiet Kulturtechnik und Wasserwirtschaft [Corporate Author] Ministerio da Agricultura, Lisbon (Portugal). Gabinete do Ministro. [Corporate Author]

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Israel's total area is only 21946 square km and over 60% of this is classified as desert or semi-arid. The use of these arid lands has been a challenge to the people of Israel ever since the state was founded in 1948. Many attempts have been made to develop the Negev, Israel's southern desert. A more recent attempt is the Savanization-Programme of the Land Development Authority of the Jewish National Fund. The main intention of the programme is to form a green belt around settlements or to establish parks, camping sites etc.. The concept of this programme is described. By using elements of the run-off-farming method a new vegetation scenery in the desert is created. Ornamental and fruit trees are combined at appropriate sites and retention of water in basins etc. permits development of a natural herbal growth. Critical questions in respect of the cost/benefit ratio, the displacement of nomadic tribes and the effects of the savanization on the water balance and the ecology of the respective areas are made.

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