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Incidence of Nocardia species in raw milk collected from different localities of Assiut City of Egypt  [2011]

Nahed Mohamad Wahba Neveen Abdel Ghany Elnisr Nagah Mohamad Saad,Saad Mohamad Nasr and Walaa Mahmoud Ali

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This study aimed to isolate and enumerate Nocardiae from the examined raw milk samples. 240 random milk samples were collected from cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats from different localities in Assiut city- Egypt. The incidences of Nocardia spp. were 47.8, 43.3, 53.3 and 66.7% with average counts of 3.8 x104, 4.5x104, 1.4x104 and 7.6x103/CFUmL of the examined samples, respectively. Pathogenicity of the isolates was also studied. N. otitidiscavarium and N. brasiliensis caused sudden death of rats while, N. farcinica and N. carnea strains were non pathogenic. Other species caused several lesions. It was concluded from the study that, Nocardia species are existed in retailed and fresh milk of different farm animals. Most of the isolated strains were highly pathogenic to rats. Consequently, preventive measures should be taken to protect consumers from being infected. [Vet. World 2011; 4(5.000): 201-204]

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