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Antimicrobial Activities of Aframomum Melegueta (Alligator Pepper)  [2010]

Funmilayo Victoria Doherty O.O Olaniran Kanife U.C.

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<p>Antibacterial activity of Aframomum melegueta was tested on salmonella spp, Escherichia coli, Shigella spp and<br />klebsiella spp. Ethanol and distilled water were used as solvents for the extraction of the plant. The ethanolic<br />extract was found to be most effective at high concentration of 50mg/ml on all the isolates. The zones of<br />inhibition of klebsiella spp, salmonella spp, E. coli and Shigella spp are 30mm,15mm,20mm,and 15mm<br />respectively with ethanolic extract. The aqueous extract was found to be less effective when compared with<br />ethanolic extract.<br />The phytochemcial analysis carried out on Aframomum melegueta revealed the presence of alkaloids, tannins,<br />saponin, steroids, cardiacglycoside, flavonoid, terpenoids and phenol. The presence of these phytochemcials<br />support the use of this plant as antimicrobial agent. Aframomum melegueta can therefore be used as<br />antimicrobial agent against the groups of Enterobacteriaceae tested.</p>

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International Journal of Biology

ISSN : 1916-968X