Luua arboretum - the greatest dendrological collection in Central Estonia  [2002]

Ilves, E. (Jogeva County Environmental Service, Jogeva (Estonia)) Estonian Agricultural University, Tartu (Estonia). Forest Research Institute [Corporate Author]

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One of the richest woody plant collections in Estonia is Luua arboretum, also known as dendropark, which also includes a so-called garden of forms, or innerspecies taxa (basically, it is a garden of cultivars). It is situated at the village of Luua, Palamuse Township, Jogeva County. The area of the arboretum is 6 ha and that of the garden of forms 2.5 ha. Both the arboretum and the garden are under governmental wildlife protection. The foundations of the arboretum were laid in 1953. Its design involved the grouping of plants along geographical lines to establish the European, Siberian, Central Asian, Far Eastern and North American divisions. In 1953-1957, 1209 young plants belonging to 92 taxa were planted in the arboretum. In 1958-1962, 1064 plants from 235 taxa were planted. Subsequently, the intensity of planting decreased, since the most common species were already represented and the material for propagation rare species was much more difficult to procure. In 1977, the collection contained 3209 plants from 692 taxa. The richest in species were the North American (269 taxa) and the Far Eastern (252 taxa) divisions. The poorest at that time, and also today, are the Central Asian (29 taxa) and Siberian (33 taxa) divisions

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Dendrological researches in Estonia III (Estonia)

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" Luua arboreetum - huvipakkuvaim dendroloogiline kollektsioon Kesk-Eestis "

" Luua arboretum - the greatest dendrological collection in Central Estonia "