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A study of genetic transformation of Cucumis sativus L. via Agrobacterium tumefaciens through tissue culture  [1997]

El-Kazzaz, A. (National Research Centre, Cairo (Egypt). Plant Cell and Tissue culture Dept.) Malepszy, S.

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Trials had been done for transforming of Borszczagowski cucumber, two kinds of leaf explants were used (microexplants and macroexplants). The results referred that all tested callus tissues could be grown in good conditions as transgenic one on the selective antibiotic medium. The genetic transformation using plasmid vectors help to overcome the barriers which prevent the transfer of desired characters through hybridization between related or unrelated plants . Finally, it opens the way for conquering many human diseases, such as sugar disease through the transformation of sweety protein genes to desired plants. Such sweety protein not need to insulin for its metabolism

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Mansoura University Journal of Agricultural Sciences (Egypt)

ISSN : 1110-0346