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Priorities in information management for strengthening national agricultural research  [1985]

Thorpe, P. (International Service for National Agricultural Research - ISNAR, The Hague (Netherlands))

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Weak information management is a feature of many agricultural research systems in the developing world. Consequently, experience gained is not shared among institutions within a country, or even throughout the originating institution itself. This results in lack of coordination and duplication of effort. Library and documentation services are often not fully developed, therefore limiting contacts exist within the country, as well as with research activities abroad and at the international centers. In addition, frequent deficiencies in the two-way communication linkages between researchers, administrators, extension agents, and farmers, occur. This paper makes suggestions for improving the situation, emphasizing the high priority which must be attached to the bibliographic control of the "grey" literature produced within the country itself

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Quarterly bulletin (IAALD)

ISSN : 0020-5966