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1Егорова Мария Игоревна, 2Кузнецова Светлана Николаевна

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In article the author addresses to consideration of a question of human potential of a world economy. The author points out the importance of studying the influence of the global transformation of the world economy on the change in the content and role of the human factor in the socio-economic development of the country. The author systematizes and evaluates regulatory instruments of interaction between economies from the standpoint of the need for the full realization of human potential. The author forms coordination mechanisms of interaction of economic subjects for human development at the national level. The urgency of solving the problems of human potential in the world economy is associated with such key points as: the need to take into account the quality of the human potential of the world economy, as its innovative role in the economy is growing rapidly; the lack of an adequate model of human potential management of the world economy, allowing to maximize all its hidden opportunities, which reduces the effectiveness of socio-economic policy; lack of conceptual and methodological approaches to the study of favorable conditions for the realization of the human potential of the world economy, which limits economic growth. Features characterizing human potential are revealed, its structure and elements are presented, specificity of human potential as an object of management is designated, methods of quantitative and qualitative assessment of human pot
ential are considered, and also the analysis of social and economic aspects of human potential quality management is made.

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