Effect of nutrient supplies on the nutrient uptake of fibre hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) during the vegetation period  [1996]

Ivanyi, I. Izsaki, Z. (Debreceni Agrartud. Egyet., Szarvas (Hungary). Mezogazdasagi Viz- es Kornyezetgazdalkodasi Kar)

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Studies were made on the N, P and K uptake of fibre hemp as a function of nutrient supplies in a field experiment set up in Szarvas (Hungary) in 1990-1993 on a chernozem meadow soil, calcareous in the deeper layers, with a moderate humus layer. The dynamics of N uptake became more uniform as the result of 160 kg/ha N. During the period of maximum nutrient incorporation N fertilisation had the greatest effect on the N, P and K uptake. At a N rate 80 kg/ha the N uptake averaged 200 kg/ha, which significantly exceeded the N uptake of the control by 25-85 percent, depending on the year. Averaged over 4 years the highest dry matter yield (13.57 t/ha) was observed in the N80P0K600 treatment, where fibre hemp incorporated a maximum of 213.6 kg/ha N, 22.5 kg/ha P and 234.0 Kkg/ha K. The specific nutrient quantities utilised for the production of 1 t plant dry matter were as follows: 15.7 kg N, 1.7 kg P 17.2 kg K

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  • teneur en matiere seche
  • contenido de materia seca
  • periode vegetative
  • engrais npk
  • npk fertilizers
  • abonos npk
  • canamo
  • hungria
  • dry matter content
  • humus
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  • cannabis sativa
  • hemp
  • periodo vegetativo
  • absorption de substances nutritives
  • chanvre
  • absorcion de sustancias nutritivas
  • nutrient uptake
  • hongrie
  • vegetative period

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