Questions of preservation of the Gidran horse breed  [1996]

Pataki, B. (Allattenyesztesi es Takarmanyozasi Kutatointezet, Herceghalom (Hungary))

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Among the Hungarian horse breeds the Gidran is the one with the smallest population. This is why the conservation and gene preservation of this breed raise special problems, regarding that it is only Romania and Bulgaria where a smaller population can also be found. We have no information about the stock in Bulgaria. According to the registrations of the Hungarian Kisberi-felver Horse Breeders Association than is in charge for the conservation of the Gidran breed, as well, there are 102 mares being in Hungary by 21 owners. Most of the owners have 1 or 2 mares. There are only 2 breeders with stock over ten mares. 42 of the population in Hungary is leading back to the 8 original mare families of Mezohegyes, the rest is common bred of Gidran bloodline. 55 mares had been taken as to Romania, the Radautz State Stud in the year of 1920. This stock is still existing with 42 mares. 38 mares are tracing back to 5 mare families of Mezohegyes, one to a family of Babolna, and 3 is out of one Arab origin family. Three of these families of Mezohegyes are identical to those in Hungary. There were no breeding animal exchanges between the two stocks before 1989. Since then 15 mares and 3 stallions arrived to be bred in Hungary without any migration the opposite way. The purity of the Romanian stock is higher than that of the Hungarian but it is behind the Hungarian stock in the carachterics of using, sizes and conformation. The Romanian breeding administration emphasizes a
higher degree of purity, while the Hungarian the conformation and usefullness. These respects should be co-ordinated so the intention to improve characters of use do not jeopardize the identity of the race

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" Questions of preservation of the Gidran horse breed "