Integrated control of cocoa tussock moth (Orgyia postica Wlk.) in North Sumatra (Indonesia).  [1986]

Pardede D. Balai Penelitian Perkebunan Medan (Indonesia) [Corporate Author]

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After the discovery of the parasitoid wasp Telenomus sp. (Hymenoptera, Scelionidae) which attacks the eggs of the Orgyia postica Wlk. (Lepidoptera, Lymantriidae) pest, at the cacao planting of Mariendal Estate, Deli Serdang (North Sumatra, Indonesia) in the beginning of 1982, insecticides should be used more wisely and more selectively, to ensure the survival of its natural enemy in the field in controlling O. postica pest in cacao plantings. Integrated control of O. postica pest may be performed by the selective use of the bioinsecticide Bacillus thuringiensis which is specific for Lepidopterous larvae, and it is probably better, if possible, that the shade tree Leucaena glauca be substituted with clone Leucaenia L-19, since the leaves of the first mentioned tree is preferred to by the larvae of O. postica.

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  • leucaena
  • integrated control
  • organismos para control biologico
  • orgyia
  • lutte biologique
  • lutte integree
  • auxiliaire de lutte biologique
  • telenomus
  • plantas de sombra
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  • lucha integrada
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  • bacillus thuringiensis
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  • insectos daninos
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  • plaguicidas bacterianos
  • pesticide bacterien
  • plante d' ombrage
  • pest insects
  • control de insectos

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" Pengendalian terpadu hama ulat jambul, Orgyia postica Wlk. pada tanaman coklat di Sumatera Utara. "

" Integrated control of cocoa tussock moth (Orgyia postica Wlk.) in North Sumatra (Indonesia). "