The compatibility of mangosteen with its three related species as rootstock  [1998]

Mansyah, E. Syah M.J.A. Susiloadi, A. Muas, I. (Balai Penelitian Tanaman Buah, Solok (Indonesia))

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The research was conducted at the Experimental Research Station of Research Institute for Fruits from June 1994 to June 1995, to find out compatible mangosteen rootstocks. A Randomized Block Design was used in this experiment with four treatments and five replications. Plant materials used as rootstocks were four species of Guttiferae which were ready to be grafted: (a) Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.), (b) Mundu (G. dulcis Kz), (c) Fukugi (G. subelliptica Merr.) and (d) Nyamplung (Calophyllum inophyllum). Mangosteen scion from the same tree were grafted onto these rootstocks. The variables observed were percentage of the successful grafting, dormancy, time of bud breaking, root length, number of secondary roots, starch content, and graft union anatomy. The result showed that the highest percentage of successful grafting was found at mangosteen grafted onto mangosteen rootstock (68 percent), followed by fukugi rootstocks (11 percent) after 8 month grafting. Mangosteen grafted onto mundu and nyamplung rootstocks gave no successful grafted seedlings and most of them failed to graft. Graft union of grafted seedlings with mangosteen rootstock formed continue vascular tissue, but with mundu and nyamplung rootstocks they remained as callus. Graft union cell walls of seedlings with fukugi rootstock which contained lignin indicated the compatibility. The fukugi rootstock gave better result than mundu and nyamplung but it's not recommended as mangosteen rootstoc
k because its grafted seedlings grew slower than seedlings with mangosteen rootstock

Other subjects

  • garcinia mangostana
  • greffage
  • portainjertos
  • compatibilidad del injerto
  • injerto
  • graft compatibility
  • rootstocks
  • grafting
  • porte greffe
  • compatibilite de greffe
  • calophyllum

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Jurnal Hortikultura (Indonesia)

ISSN : 0853-7097