The Biogeography of Cylindrophis (Cylindrophidae, Ophidia) in the Wallacean region  [1998]

Iskandar, D.T. (Institut Teknologi Bandung (Indonesia). Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Alam)

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The finding of Cylindrophis aruensis at Damar, Lesser Sunda Islands suggests that there is an error in the type locality. Other species found in the Wallacean region are C. melanotus, C. ruffus, C. isolepis, C. opistorhodus and C. boulengeri. The form from Babar island, not named, here is recognised as distinct species, specific in having very short bands as in C. engkariensis, a species recently described from Borneo. C. aruensis is closely related to C. boulengeri and C. cylindrophis sp. 1 (Babar), C. isolepis represent a secondary invasion in Lesser Sunda Islands from Sulawesi. In the light of the findings of C. aruensis in Damar island, the distribution pattern must follow the Banda arch and ended in Tanimbar island, where another undescribed form (Cylindrophis sp. 2) has been found recently. The relationship among species and possible zoogeographical explanations are discussed

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