Variability and genetic divergence in vegetable cowpea  [2003]

Narayanankutty, C. Mili, R. Jaikumaran, U., Agricultural Research Station, Mannuthy (India)

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Genetic variability and divergence studies conducted on thirty seven genotypes of vegetable cowpea revealed significant differences for all the twelve characters studied. High phenotypic coefficient of variation and genotypic coefficient of variation were noticed for fruit yield, pods/plant and weight of pod. High heritability coupled with high genetic advance were also observed for the above characters indicating additive gene action and emphasized the effectiveness of selection for the improvement of these traits. The thirty seven genotypes were grouped into eleven clusters using Mahalanobis D per2statistics. In general, the intercluster distance was between clusters VIII and X followed byclusters VI and X and clusters VIII and IX, respectively. The intracluster distance was maximum in cluster VII.

Other subjects

  • germplasm
  • selection
  • cowpeas
  • genotypes
  • genetic variation
  • genetic gain
  • quantitative analysis
  • genetic distance
  • heritability

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Journal of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities (India)

ISSN : 0378-2395