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Effect of phosphorus, FYM and lime on yield, P uptake by maize and forms of soil acidity in typic hapludalf of Meghalaya  [2002]

Venkatesh, M.S. Majumdar, B. Kumar, K. Patiram, ICAR Research Complex for North Eastern Hill Region, Umiam (India). Div. of Soil Science

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Field experiments were conducted during the kharif seasons of 1999 and 2000 to study the effect of P levels, FYM and lime on yield, P use efficiency (PUE) by maize and form1 of soil acidity. Application of 60 kg P20s with 5 t FYM and 2 t lime/ha resulted in a significant increase in yield, test weight, P uptake and PUE by maize. Available P and exchangeable Ca and Mg in post-harvest soil also increased due to application of P, FYM and lime but there was a considerable decline in exchangeable Al due to liming. Application of lime and FYM along with P reduced the different forms of acidity and the exchangeable acidity registered a decline up to 72 on liming. Soil available P showed significant negative correlation with exchangeable acidity.

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Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science (India)

ISSN : 0019-638X