Therapeutic Effects of Dairy Products.  [2012]

Verma, Sachin Kumar Palanchoke, Sajan Singh, Avinash

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Dairy products like Ghee, Cheese, Acidophilus milk, Butter, Dahi, Buttermilk, Yoghurt and Kefir etc play a great role in human life. They are imbued with a host of health -promoting and therapeutic properties and are useful in osteoporosis prevention, lactose intolerance, nutrient synthesis and bioavailability etc. The beneficial effects ascribed to probiotic strains or fermented foods arise not only from bacteria themselves but also from the metabolites produced during fermentation. There is tremendous scope for the development of functional foods enriched with synbiotics keeping in mind the specific requirements of different groups of individuals viz. children, women and the elderly. Dairy products possess antidiarrheal, antiallergenic and antimicrobial qualities. probiotics, specifically, are very useful in these aspects.

Other subjects

  • therapeutic diets
  • milk products
  • control de enfermedades
  • produit laitier
  • disease control
  • regime alimentaire therapeutique
  • dieta terapeutica
  • controle de maladies
  • productos lacteos

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Indian Dairyman (India)

ISSN : 0019-4603