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Evolution in Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea Commers.) - A review  [2017]

Salam, Priyadarshini Bhargav, Veluru Gupta, Y. C. Nimbolkar, P. K.

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Bougainvillea is a popular ornamental, mostly valued for its multi coloured bracts. It can be used in the garden as a shrub, climber, pot plant or as a specimen plant. By keeping the view of its multiple uses there is always demand for the new coloured and forms of bracts in bougainvillea. All the present day colourful bracted bougainvilleas are developed through bud sports, mutations and inter and intra specific hybridization. There is no record of varieties evolved in bougainvillea through classical breeding in different countries. Present article will provide maximum information generated in India by different re-search institutes on classical and mutation breeding on bougainvillea.

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Journal of Applied and Natural Science

ISSN : 2231-5209