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Economic analysis of Mazafati date marketing and the best supply method of it in Jiroft and Kahnouj area

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Date is one of the most important of agricultural products in Jiroft and Kahnouj and date marketing in harvesting season is faced with plenty problems. Required data for this study were obtained through filling out questionaires in 3 level (producer, wholesaler, retailer ) and systhematic sampling method for producers and simple sampling method for some middlemen. The studied varity was Mazafati. The Results of the study indicated that marketing services costs in 7 known canals were varied from 841 to 1898 RLS and the maximum of it was in canals number 6 and 7. Marketing profits per kilogram for marketing factors and total marketing margin in different canals was calculated and the maximum of it was in canals number 3, 6 and 7. The most Producer share of consumer price was in canal number 2 (%37). Marketing cost coefficient in all canals was %88. Also, equal price and marketing efficiency in different canals were determined and none of them was efficient.

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