Limnological investigating on Gahar-roud River and study of feasibility of exopoliting for cold-water fish culture.  [2007]

Piruzi, Fatemeh Tavakkoli, Majid Mehrani, Ruh Ol-Lah Sadeqi Nezhad, Esma`il et al.

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Gahar-roud is in 18 kilometer far from Doroud city from East of lorestan province . This river orginated from internal part of Oshteran-kouh mountain altitude and Gahar-Lake . Survey on Gahar – roud Limnology began from the end of 2001 year and during the 18 month achived, at first on the length of 20 kilometer five station of sampling was selected and biological, physical and chemical character of this river was surveyed this river in all path of it feeding with large and small spring, little rivers and water of icehouse. The amount water of this river is different and maximum water is about 21 m/s in April month. Specifity of this river is be enough the temperature of water for fish. Minimum in the Jan is about 3 centigrad deegree and maximum is July and Aug about 24 centigrade deegree phis between 6.5-8.2 and is few basic . solauble oxigen is enough and is between 8.5-13 mg/lit.during the year.This river is very bright and haven&rsquot the source of polution and during the path of river and be enaugh the dosage of mineral in water are the important physical and chemical character of this river. Gahar-roud is not biological hardness quality. About 31 genus and species from 5 family of phytoplangton and 42 genus from 26 family from the order of insects, molusca, worms and crustacea and 9 species from 12 family from the side aquatic. Plants was collected and recognized. Based on ecological potential of this region, because Gahar- roud river is poor fo
r food material and classified in oligotroph river and hasn&rsquot high biological value. And also have a few population and in fact haven&rsquot any population and based on the safer system belong to the quatiy elass of oligotroph and amount of water, regular circulation of water with microclima condition rate of natural resource land around river, having program for culture of cold water fish is important but it is better that use from culture of fish, be regulated key word limnology, Gahar-roud, river plangton, bentoz, fish.

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" Limnological investigating on Gahar-roud River and study of feasibility of exopoliting for cold-water fish culture. "