Written Paper

Transferring beet cyst nematode resistance from B. maritima to cultivated beet B.vulgaris sub sp. vulgaris  [2005]

Mesbah, Mahmud Baqa`i Kiya, Mehdi Soltani, Jamshid Nuruzi, Peyman et al.

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Beet cyst nematode is most important parasitic nematode and subject of studies on a century. Transferring resistance from different sources to sugar beet cultivars was subject of the study. Wild species of Beta genus including Beta maritime,( W-1001, W-1010) and B. procumbens (W-1009) were resistant sources. The mentioned genotypes were crossed to 3 different multigerm (MSR, MSNB1, and MSC2) and monogerm (MS261, MS231) male sterile genotypes. Various generations such as F1, F2, BC1 and F3 were produced. Resistant character to beet cyst nematode in various generations was evaluated under greenhouse condition as well as molecular marker. At least 20 accessions of sugar beet that carry resistant gene(s) to beet cyst nematode were produced and they are available for producing commercial resistant varieties of sugar beet to beet cyst nematode.